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Japan Temple Bell

11.09-21.09 2024 ( 10 Tage)

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime as we embark on a spectacular group trip to Japan! Our journey will kick off in the vibrant city of Tokyo, where we'll spend the first four days immersing ourselves in the futuristic charm before venturing into the breathtaking landscapes of Fuji and Kyoto.

There is an option to change the below Trip to the cherry blossom season in March. Please let me know which trip you would be interested in when you sign up.

Trip itinerary 


11th of September

Arrival in Tokyo. Today we are just arriving and will be having Dinner to get to know  everyone.


We are starting our Day with a 2h Gokart drive through east Tokyo City!  We will be passing by the crowds of shoppers in Ginza, as well as the famous Tsukji Fish market and the Akihabara Area. ( PS: You can select a free costume for your ride )


After this adrenaline rush we are going to visit the famous mini pig cafe, where you can cuddle the tiny animals! Shortly after, we will be exploring the area surrounded which is full of cute shops and tiny restaurants. We will then go watch the Sunset at SHIBUYA Sky, a panorama view over the city on an old helicopter airport dock. Last but not least, we would follow up by exploring the famous Shibuya crossing.


Today we are visiting the Sensoji Temple and learning more about the country's rich Buddhist history. That would be followed by a trip to the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, with an immersive experience awaiting us after. The "Team Lab" A one of a kind art museum! Afterwards we will be attending a fun sushi making course. For the evening, we will be staying in Ovoid Yokoche, the famous "Piss Alley" A small narrow street with traditional restaurants and bars.


Time to wake up early ! We are going to do a day tour to the Nagano Prefecture and visit the Jigokudani Monkey ( Snow Monkeys) Park with their thermal baths. After this we will be trying out some local Japanese dishes for lunch, featuring the beef sukiyaki before we head home to Tokyo. 

We will be also packing our bags as we will be leaving to Fuji the next morning!


We are taking the famous bullet train to Fuji mountain, where we are going to check into our new home for the next few days. After everyone is settled we will be visiting the Kawaguchiko Lake. On a clear day,  you will see the beautiful reflection of Mt. Fuji in the water, It's a registered World Heritage. 


Today we are going to relax at the many hot springs, The Onsen. We will be going to visit the Hottarakashi Hot spring and soak up the view towards mount Fiji, and relax before we head to Oshino Hakkai. This is a traditional village centered around eight naturally occurring ponds, fed by the snowmelt each spring.

We then will be ending the day with a dinner all together.


Time to Leave! Back on the bullet train. This time in the direction of Kyoto ( My favorite place in Japan ). We are going to see the Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine and the Kiyomizu-dera Temple. After exploring, we will head to the old town for dinner.


Today we are getting a Samurai Class ! 70 min of training the basic techniques of ancient Japanese warriors ! Afterwards we will be renting the traditional clothing and exploring the the streets to Yasaka Pagoda, as well as Gion neighborhood. Maybe you will see a Geisha!  We will then be joining a private 2h zen tea ceremony in a hidden temple,  ending the day full of new impressions.


Time to feed the friendly deers of Nara ! We are taking the train towards Nara, where we are meeting our local guide for today. We will not only be feeding the deers, but also visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Todai-ji Temple and Kasuga Taisha Shrine. Afterwards we will refresh ourselves with a traditional Japanese Lunch.

Finishing our lunch you will also have some time to walk around by yourself before we head home to Kyoto again.


Back on the Bullet train towards Tokyo. Today we are enjoying some more areas in Tokyo like the famous Anime streets of Akihabara, before we attend our last dinner together.


Today we are saying Good Bye. Everyone will fly out from Tokyo with hopefully a phone full of beautiful pictures and memories for a lifetime.


Until we meet again!


What's Included ?

Unfortunately we can't provide flights to and from our destinations. Included in the price is the following:

Image by Luke Stackpoole


11-15 of September : Double bedroom in Tokyo.

15-17 of September: Double Room in Fuji.

17-20 of September: Double Room in Kyoto

20-21 of September: Double Room in Tokyo.

Image by MChe Lee


Image by Lily Banse

Food/Drinks mentioned in program

All Activities and entries are covered. As well as transportation

( Train)


-Flights to and from  Tokyo

- Travel Insurance ( If you need an insurance let us know as we have a contact at an agency to get you insurance) 

- Visa 

- Food not listed in intinery 


10 days Japan

2.900 Euros

A deposit of 500 Euro is necessary to secure your spot

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