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Northern Lights



Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime as we embark on a spectacular group trip to the ice land of Alaska. We are seeing \ polar lights, doing glacier hikes, flying helicopters on top of glaciers and learning more about the native people. 


Trip itinerary 

26th of

Arrival in Anchorage, the largest city in Alaska! Today we are just arriving and will have a get to know each other Dinner with everyone.


Today we are going to explore the city.  Starting with the famous Historic 4th Avenue, the Main Street back in the days and full of cute houses and shops, we will also be hoping on the famous city Trolley and visiting the native museum. 


We will be embarking in the early morning to a scenic helicopter flight from Alaska Glacier Lodge over the Knik Glacier. We are going to land on top of the glacier at the Glacier pools. Here we are going to gear up with a dry suit and safety equipment and jump into the freezing cold water, just to be comfortable for the actually activity. Paddle boarding through a scenic winter wonderland and explore the biggest glacier in south Alaska! We are gonna have lunch up at the glacier before we fly back the scenic root to Anchorage. 

We will warm up at dinner!


We are starting early morning towards another glacier exploration. This time to a 8 hour guided exploration through the most accessible glacier in Alaska. We are going to get ice cleats and helmets as well as a safety instructions before we begin our expedition. Generally, this tour is a 3 mile walk through uneven ground, small streams and glacier walls. After this magical experience we are going to enjoy lunch at a local restaurant, before we head back home.


Today we are taking the scenic road towards our new accommodation for the next 2 days: Talkeetna. This is max a 3h drive, this will be taking us along the famous Denali National Park. Maybe you might even spot some wildlife. We are going to take it slow and will enjoy the cute old town of Talkeetna. We will rest a bit before we start another adventure tomorrow.


We are up early as we take a scenic flight above the Susitna Valley, where you might spot some wild moose. This is closely a 2h flight, and will show us all around the area and land on top of a glacier for a breathtaking view, the 71km long Kahiltna Glacier before we head to another adventure.. A 2-3 h Rafting through the Denali National Park! We are going to suit up In the provided dry suits and helmets as well as boots. Keep your eyes peeled as we might encounter some bears! 


We are leaving towards Fair banks today,  this 5h drive is the most secenic drive in Alaska!


Today we will embark on a hike through the nature with a guide as Alaska is the last frontier of the world ! meaning that most of this place hasn't even been explored yet! Tonight we will try our luck on a 5h polar light hunt with camp fire and (for the non vegetarians) reindeer hot dogs.


You are invited to join us for this small group experience to the northernmost Inupiat community of Utqiaġvik,formerly known as Barrow. Utqiaġvik is situated 1,300 miles south of the North Pole, making it the northernmost community in the United States. Two-thirds of its approximately 4,500 residents are of Inupiat Eskimo descent. The local culture is an interesting mix of traditional lifestyles influenced by community investments from the profits of the Alaskan Pipeline. Utqiaġvik (Barrow) was originally a whaling community, and tours of Utqiaġvik combine cultural and educational activities with wildlife viewing and tundra exploration. We can learn more about Inupiat culture and history at the Inupiat Heritage Center, or by visiting during the Nalukataq - the traditional spring whaling festival, usually held in June. 


Today we head home to Anchorage on a 8 h drive back through the alaskan wilderness. Before we enjoy a goodbye Dinner and rest before we leave tomorrow. 


Time to say good bye to the Last Frontier!

What's Included ?

Unfortunately we can't provide flights to and from our destinations. Included in the price is the following:

Image by Luke Stackpoole


26-30 of August : Double bedroom in Anchorage.

30-2 of August: Double Room in Talkeetna.

2-5 of September: Double Room in Fair Banks.

5-6 of September: Double Room in Anchorage.

Image by MChe Lee


Image by Lily Banse

Food/Drinks mentioned in program

All gas as well as the car is included + All mentioned activities.


-Flights to and from from Anchorage

- Travel Insurance ( If you need an insurance let us know as we have a contact at an agency to get you insurance) 

- Visa ( for Europeans around 15 euros)

- Food not listed in intinery 


10 days Alaska

5.980 Euros

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