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Flying eagles in the mountains

September 2024

Get ready for an unforgettable journey through vast steppe, moutains, and ancient nomadic cultures ! Experience the thrill of galloping across the plains, the vibrant energy of the Naadam Festival, and the rich flavors of Mongolia cuisine.

Trip itinerary 

Day 1:

Arrival in Ulaanbaatar. Pick up and Dinner included.

Day 2:

A morning domestic flight to Murun Khuvsgui Lake. And a boat drive to sacred mountain in the middle of Lake. Before we goin on a hike and camp there. Breakfast, lunch, dinner included.( 3 meals)

Day 3:

We are going to visit a horseman Family in Darkhad Valley. taking on of their 200 horses ( you can pick yours) to a Tsaatan Family 30km away in the middle of Mongolia. Witness dairy making, cloth crafting and animal herding close up. Play some traditional games with the locals and eat the local cuisine. We are going to stay in a nomadic ger camp. 3 meals included.

Day 4-5:

You can volunteer for activities like reindeer milking and cheese making. Before we start riding to West Taiga( south Edge of Siberia). Encountering spectacular scenery. We are going to be welcomed into Teepees and the life of the Tsaatan. Experiencing riding reindeers and their daily lives. 3 Meals included.

Day 6:

Back to Darkhad Valley. 3 meals included.

Day 7:

We are on our way to Murun. The center of Khuvsgui Aimag in northern Mongolia. It's a subarctic climate. 3 meals included.

Day 8:

Today we are exploring the Telmen Lake Area. A salt water lake. The area here is gobi dessert. 3 meals included.

Day 9:

Explore the area more. 3 meals included.

Day 10:

Arrival in Bayan-Ulgii. Exploring the town. 3 meals included.

Day 11:

Golden Eagle Festival Day 1! We are driving to Sayat small hill for the festival. Joining the official opening ceremony. A archery competition afterwards, featuring a unique style of archery targeting a thrown leather ball. Fashion show display and many more. Ending with a traditional concert with songs and music at a local theater in Ulgii. 3 Meals included.

Day 12:

Festival Day 2: Game day of competition. Try outs. 3 meals included.

Day 13:

Back to Ulaanbaatar. Visiting local museum and market. Breakfast and lunch included.

Day 14:

Good Bye !

What's Included ?

Unfortunately we can't provide flights to and from our destinations. Included in the price is the following:

Image by Luke Stackpoole


Image by MChe Lee


Image by Lily Banse

Food/Drinks mentioned in program


14 days Mongolia

2,370 $ ( 10 people)

2,180 $ ( 12 people)

1,990 $ ( 14 people)

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