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Women in Sarong

June 2024

Prepare for an unforgettable journey through lush rainforests, pristine beaches and vibrant cultures. Explore ancient sites, highland villages and so much more !

Trip itinerary 

Day 1:  

Arriving into Kendari with a pick up from the airport. Before we head to a small island called Labengki Island to explore the Mbokita Village. Lunch is included today.

Day 2:

Today we are going to explore Sombori Islands. Visiting Khayangan Peak, Diamond Cave, Koke Beach, Marege Lagoon, Allo Cave and a Blue Lagoon. Before we are camping at the beach under the stars !

Day 3:

We are going to check into a Labengki Beach Hut on Labengki Island and visit a blue lagoon and a small hike to the hill view point. Lunch and Dinner included.

Day 4:

After Breakfast we head to the harbor to get a speed boat to Raha. A boat ride through the bluest water ! Lunch and Dinner included.

Day 5:

We are going to swim in the famous Stingless Jellyfish Lake and Capable Lagoon. Breakfast and dinner included.

Day 6:

A full day of exploring the Nirwana villa muna island. Breakfast and Lunch included.

Day 7:

Rest day at beach. Breakfast and lunch included.

Day 8:

Traditional boat ride and traditional market in Siompu. Breakfast included.

Day 9

Back to BauBau for swimming and snorkeling. Breakfast and Dinner included.

What's Included ?

Unfortunately we can't provide flights to and from our destinations. Included in the price is the following:

Image by Luke Stackpoole


Image by MChe Lee


Image by Lily Banse

Food/Drinks mentioned in program


9 days Sulawesi

1.085$ ( 9 people)

870 $ ( 14 people)

790 $ ( 16 people)

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